Voice communication / Connected crew / Wireless convenience

Seamlessly connect your crew with the TOC COM wireless voice communication system, which packs integrated telephone dial tone and on-site intercom capability in a rugged, portable, and completely wireless package. Other available options include a 120dB industrial PA and amplified ringer or hazardous area equipment.

  • Complete communication
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Paging capability
  • Emergency calls
  • Rugged portability


For the loudest environments, like the floor of a drilling rig or a construction site, the TOC SQUAWK amplifies the ringer and PA horn to enable workers to take advantage of all of the TOC COM's features. In noisy conditions where workers would otherwise be unable to hear a ringer or PA announcement on their handheld phone, TOC SQUAWK breaks through those sound barriers to keep your job site safe and connected.

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