TOC BOX Setup Instructions

The TOC BOX is fast and simple to deploy -- it’s one of its best features! We’ve outlined step-by-step instructions below, including notes and troubleshooting. With this, your TOC BOX will start connecting your worksite in no time! And the best part? The TOC BOX maintains a 100% deployment success rate in the field.

Each TOC BOX is fully configured and ready to use upon arrival. The device is equipped with a dedicated telephone number with unlimited domestic U.S. calling. Internet is provided via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. These simple instructions, provided below, will help you activate the TOC BOX in minutes.

The Wi-Fi SSID (network ID that appears on your device) will appear as “TOC BOX – XXXX” (XXX being the last four digits of the TOC BOX telephone number) on your Wi-Fi enabled device. The “network password” is the ten digits of the TOC BOX telephone number (no punctuation, numbers only).

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open the cable storage pouch in the lid of the TOC BOX
  2. Remove the power cord
  3. Remove the Ethernet cable and connect to either RJ45 jack (if not connecting to computer via wireless)
  4. Connect AC power cord to TOC BOX
  5. Plug AC power cord into 110VAC or 220VAC outlet (or use the enclosed DC connector)
  6. Connect BOTH antennas to the silver connectors on the side of the TOC BOX (finger tight)
  7. Place the antennas on a ferrous surface a minimum of 18” apart (if on the top of a vehicle, it is preferable to place the antennas in from the edge to provide an adequate ground plane)



  1. After the power is connected, lights on the front panel will begin to flash.
  2. It takes up to three minutes for the device to register with the network. A solid green Internet light indicates registration is complete; a solid blue light indicates the Wi-Fi is active.
  3. The telephone inside the case is hardwired and requires no setup. Dial-tone will not be heard in the phone until the registration process is complete.
  4. If desired, a second analog phone (e.g. cordless phone) can be plugged into the RJ11 jack.


Failure to Connect and Troubleshooting

  1. If there is no ferrous surface available, place the steel ground plane on the highest point possible, preferably outside, and place the antenna on the center of the ground plane (orient vertically; upside down is OK if outside isn’t possible).
  2. Route the coax cable to the TOC BOX (avoid kinking or crushing this cable).
  3. Registration will take about three minutes (a solid green Internet light indicates registration).
  4. Antenna height is critical in difficult connection situations. Moving the antenna to a different location can also enable connection in weak signal areas. Minor adjustments can often make the difference.
  5. TOC Solutions has other extreme deployment accessories available.
  6. Most importantly, if you cannot connect, please contact us to support your deployment!


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